Proposed Base Expansion

On March 10, 2017, BVA announced plans to expand our Base Headquarters located at the corner of Winton Road South and Westfall Road. Helping with the announcement was NY Senator Joe Robach, NY Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle, and Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle.

[BVA Chief Cody Dean, President Dan McCue, VP Dennis Mietz, Gov’t Liaison Michael Pollock; Sen. Joe Robach; Assy Majority Leader Joe Morelle; BVA Business Manager Barb Sforza. Missing from photo: Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle. Photo courtesy of Richard Wersinger.]

BVA President Dan McCue stated that BVA purchased the original Buckland/Horst House in 1987, proudly repurposing a centrally located historic landmark from a private residence into an ambulance base. Since then our emergency call volume has increased from 1500 calls to 5600 calls/year. This increased volume requires additional space to house our on-duty Paramedics, EMTs, administrative staff, equipment, medical supplies, and vehicles.

Dennis Mietz, BVA VP, estimates our existing facility needs to expand from 4500 sq. ft. to 10,594 sq. ft. Estimated cost of the proposed expansion is $1,797,000. BVA will not need a capital campaign and will not ask the town to raise the Special Ambulance District Tax to fund the proposed expansion. Funds will come from a variety of sources including dedicated funds from operations, public donations, bequests, and grants including (2) $250,000 NYS grants recently secured by Sen. Joe Robach and Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle. BVA’s Training Center will continue to be leased at Brookside Elementary School.

The proposed expansion will:

  • increase garage space from 4 to 8 bays. BVA currently has 5 ambulances and 2 Advanced Life Support fly cars, 3 of which must be kept outside in extreme temperatures. An 8-bay garage will allow all vehicles to be stored inside in a secured location, and will meet NYS DOH guidelines for storing certain equipment and medications in a temperature-controlled environment.
  • provide an enlarged, easily accessible & private First Aid Treatment Room for walk-in patients.
  • provide an enlarged Loan Closet to store crutches, canes and wheelchairs.
  • relocate offices from the second floor to the first floor to improve access and increase energy efficiency. The second floor will be used for storage, eliminating current off-site storage expenses.

BVA Government Liaison Michael Pollock explained that these 2 exceptional NYS grants were achieved by continually fostering a close working relationship with NYS Legislators Robach and Morelle, keeping them advised of BVA initiatives to improve emergency medical services to the community and identifying potential issues and concerns.

Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle thanked Sen. Robach and Assembly Majority Leader Morelle for their help and support in securing the grants, and joined them in thanking BVA for our high-quality emergency medical services to the community.

The proposed expansion has not received final approval.