Happy Retirement, Barb!

By 2003, BVA had grown to a point where we needed a full-time employee to manage the business part of our agency (billing, financial, budgets, contracts, insurance, employee benefits, HR, etc). In August of that year, we had the good fortune to hire Barb Sforza as our first Business Manager.

During her 15 years as Business Manager, Barb helped create and shape our business office. She not only performed day-to-day business functions but also created the BVA Compliance Program and served as our Compliance Officer, created employee & volunteer handbooks, helped develop benefits programs, served as an ex officio member of the BVA Board of Directors, managed our office staff, helped on committees, was a champion of volunteerism, and an advocate for BVA future development. She managed our grants, contracts, financial, insurance, audit, legal services, and served as our HR Manager.

Last summer Barb decided it was time to take on a new challenge: retirement! She gave us several months notice so she could be an active part of the transition process and train our new Business Manager, JulieRay Romano.

On December 31, 2018 BVA bid a sad farewell to our Barb. We know she will enjoy spending extra time with her family, travelling, and finally tackling some home projects she never had time for. Best of health and luck to you, Barb! And thank you for helping to grow BVA into the successful ambulance agency we are today.