Marty’s Story

One of our patients, Marty O’Neill, agreed to share his story in our Fall 2019 Fund Drive letter. Here is an excerpt:

For seventy-two year old Marty O’Neill, July 24, 2019 began as every other Summer morning in Brighton begins, with a trip to The Charbroil restaurant to meet up with his friends to drink coffee, eat breakfast and catch up on the latest news. Marty felt a bit sluggish that July morning as he arrived at breakfast about 45 minutes later   than usual. Dennis Mietz, Vice President of the Brighton Volunteer Ambulance Board, another regular attendee of the Charbroil breakfast bunch, was exiting the restaurant as Marty entered. Dennis called after him, “Where have you been? You’re late!” Marty told Dennis that he figured he would sleep in a bit because he was  feeling a bit tired. Then the two went their separate ways–Dennis to his car to exit, and Marty inside to eat.

Except, Marty didn’t make it inside. He opened the door to Charbroil and collapsed right in the vestibule. The Charbroil staff called 911, then called Dennis on his cell phone and asked him to return immediately, even before he left the parking lot. Upon his return, Dennis saw immediately that his friend had collapsed from a massive heart attack. Another regular customer, Dr. Morris Wortman, and restaurant manager, Michael Tette, had already begun CPR. While Marty did require CPR, he also needed more advanced equipment to monitor his condition, and immediate advanced life services care, including drug therapy to return a heart rhythm.

Three crucial interventions occurred that restored Marty’s heart rhythm that July morning:

  • Immediate administration of CPR by trained community members;
  • Brighton Fire Department’s quick arrival on the scene with an AED, to shock his heart; and
  • Brighton Volunteer Ambulance’s two (2) crews that arrived quickly to administer emergency advanced life services, including drug therapy.

Without all three interventions, Marty may not have survived.

Thirty years ago, Marty watched his own father die of a massive heart attack. At the time of this July incident, Marty was under the care of a cardiologist and was in good health, with no signs or symptoms prior to his attack.

Marty says, “I am so appreciative of the care I received from my friends at BVA. I know that my wife is appreciative, too.” He goes on to say, “I am happy to have the opportunity to move forward with my life.”

EMT Nicole Fisher; EMT-P Jevon Tomaschko; Marty O’Neill; EMT Dennis Mietz; EMT Stephanie Mistark; EMT-P Rob Ockenden