How Can I Help My Neighbors?

Medical emergencies happen every day. Last year BVA received nearly 6,000 requests for service.

BVA strongly believes in training, not only for our Paramedics and EMTs but also for area businesses, medical & dental offices, and Brighton residents. We provide classes in CPR/AED, Emergency First Aid, Stop the Bleed hemorrhage control, and advanced training in ACLS and PALS.

Last year BVA provided 95 training classes for more than 580 staff and members of the community. We’re proud of that effort, but we want to do more. Our goal is to train as many people as possible so they can act when an unexpected emergency happens.

How can you help your neighbors?

  • Attend a training class so you’ll know what to do before first responders arrive. See our Class Descriptions.
  • Rent an AED to have available at your community event. BVA will provide training. For more information or to request a loaner AED, send an email to
  • Donate to BVA to help defray our training costs.

To learn more about BVA’s training opportunities, send an email to